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The janam kundli matching is used to tell is the marriage is good or The natal positioning of the Moon is observed in both the Horoscopes after which points referred to as Gunas are determined on the foundation of matching of the following information in the Horoscopes :

. Yoni
. Vasya
. Varana
. Tara
. Graha Maitri
. Nadi
. Bhakut
. Gana

The factors or Gunas are given out of the highest of 36 and a rating below 18 is not taken into consideration for good Match Generating on the other hand the Match is considered much better and good as the Gunas rise in number. 36 out of 36 is definitely an absolute match as reported by this method, after that the Gunas from 35 to 30 are believed very very good , 30-25 is quite good to good after which 25-20 is regarded as appropriate . The program functions in this way in case the Gunas are a greater number, the Match is considered to be a good Match and if the Gunas are smaller number, the Match is not regarded as a great Match.

But nevertheless in real practice this method alone is not adequate for predicting a Match Producing exactly like the process of Sun Signs. It could be and also should be utilized as an ancillary method in combination with various other extremely important Aspects which are to be viewed and assessed from both the Horoscopes to forecast the match effectively. We will now check out these facets of Match Making which have to be given their due significance if a cheerful marital life is to be imagined.

To start with, an Astrologer must verify whether or not there are the indications of a happy marital life in each the Horoscopes. As an example if one of the Horoscopes is showing a possible separation or another wedding or even in the situation if it is showing a long illness or perhaps death of the husband or wife due to the existence of a significant defect or poor yoga similar to Manglik Dosh, Pitra Dosh or even Kaal Sarp Yog then regardless of an extremely high number of Gunas, the Match is not appropriate.

Then durability of both the spouses in general, the economic stableness and long term of the earning companion or partners as observed from Horoscope, evaluation of any major illnesses to either of the spouses if there is any, the capability of each the partners to produce a kid and common compatibility of both the spouses are few of the essential aspects that are to be confirmed appropriately before forecasting a Match Making.

If these types of Characteristics are disregarded or perhaps the Astrologer do not understand how to verify these adequately, the Match Making is not properly forecasted in my opinion .we match every possible information in janam kundli which are important for best match making.
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